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An overview of what's happening - from news and updates to planned maintenance and known bugs.

News 4 days ago

Planned downtime/maintenance

After +/- 2 months of development, the whole project will migrate to the AdonisJS framework. To prepare for this major update the site will be down for some time.

When? Somewhere beginning december.
How long? Unknown.

Changelog will be posted after everything is back up and running.

Updates 1 month ago

Update 2023-10-28

Fixed a bug where it'd stop downloading if it encountered a large video due a timeout

Updates 2 months ago

Update 2023-09-27


  • Catch the "Unexpected end of JSON input" error

On the 25th of september I received a bug report that downloading results in "An error occured: SyntaxError: Unexpected end of JSON input". The most likely cause is that you're authenticating yourself with old credentials. It also only triggers on DRM media.

I've added an alert about this but removed it in this update. It will show in the live status instead and it'll continue downloading in stead of breaking.

Updates 2 months ago

Update 2023-09-13 | DRM downloading support has arrived!


  • Added DRM media downloading support (for posts)
  • Added video downloading support in highlight stories

DRM downloading support

It's finally here! I'm sure a lot of people waited for this, so you're welcome.
This support only applies on posts as I've not encountered DRM media in other communcation channels (eg private messages), when this changes, support will change too accordingly.

Video downloading support highlight stories

it used to download "covers"/thumbnails of videos but now it will download the full videos instead.
In case of pictures, it already downloaded that before but you might see a quality update here as it now downloads the direct source of the picture.

Next steps

This has been a big and challenging update so I'll monitor your mails and logs on the server for any bugs.
The next big thing is an update to a framework; I want to try something new so it'll be AdonisJS if you're curious. Let's see if NodeJS/typescript is more fun than PHP (I'll still love PHP the most)

Updates 3 months ago

Update 2023-08-25 + DRM

  • Attempt to fix not all subscriptions getting listed
  • Video's which have DRM will get their previews downloaded (aka the thumbnail)

DRM media

Yes, I confirm - DRM downloads aren't supported for now.

Before this update, DRM media were skipped or not taken into account. From this update this brings a little change: the thumbnails of those media will get downloaded in stead of nothing. Full DRM downloading will be looked at and will be implemented in a later update.

News 4 months ago

The future

All work in progress features are done. Now we can move forward and think about the future. But what would that be?

Temporary discount

First of all the temporary discount that was valid untill all WIPs are finished is now valid till 16 august. So this is your last chance to subscribe for a lower price (for 3 months straight).

After 16 august, the price will be unchanged for ever.

More benefits?

Well, we'll have to see about that but as for now, there's nothing planned.

Loyalfans support

This still could be considered after the hick-up i've encountered (see blog post "Remaining WIP features") but only time will tell.

The service/site itself

This section is gonna have technical talk but as for the whole service itself I got these plans:

  • Use a framework
  • Keep monitoring the service
  • Improving, refactoring and bug fixes
Yes, this project is made with vanilla PHP and javascript. 0 frameworks.
The thing is, this project started very, very small! So the choice of not using a framework was done at the start. But this site got a lot of traffic over time (which i'm thankful for) and I just wanna overhaul the whole thing.
It's gonna be a plus for you - the visitor, private clients that use the service for personal needs and myself as developer.

Updates 4 months ago

Update 2023-07-28

The time has come! Todays update contains:

  • Supporter max: automatic downloading
  • All past, current and future supporters in general: blog notification mail

Automatic scraping

As promised, it got delivered. People with a supporter max subscription can add automatic download jobs!
See previous blog post for more screenshots.

Blog notification mail

If you have any subscription plan - or you had - you can toggle blog notification mails. You can opt-in or out whenever you want. A mail contains the content of a blog post so you're immediately up-to-date.

News 4 months ago

Automatic downloading preview

For people who are interested, I've got some screenshots about it. It's gonna look like this but some details might change.

News 4 months ago

Remaining WIP features

After extended periods of testing and researching, the upcoming feature:

  • Supporter+: Loyalfans connection

.. might not make it to the service. Lets talk about it in depth:

At first I've been able to retrieve almost every media on loyalfans but while testing something happened to my test loyalfans account, and it might happen to your account too.

It got suspended.

To access loyalfans api, it works like fansly, you only need a token, after doing some requests with the token and looking at how their API is build, I suddenly got a "Forbidden" response. I checked my browser and i was logged out, after logging in again there it was: "This account is suspended. Contact support!"
Like what. I'm doing the requests just like a browser. After contacting their support mail, it was confirmed:

"The account was suspended for improper usage. It was detected that you were using a program or browser that rips content from the site. The suspension will remain."

Loyalfans might have better security against "ripping content" (i wasn't ripping, just exploring their API) but it's still possible as a guest, so what gives. Although if someone has a "dummy" loyalfans account that I could test with, I could investigate this more. (If so, contact me)

Loyalfans won't be supported for now as there's a risk of your account getting suspended and I'm not gonna let that happen to all of your accounts.

Updates 4 months ago

Update 2023-07-13


  • added real time status updates about a download or upload to gofile. When you start download content, you'll get to see what the service is busy with to provide you the download.

Known issue:

  • timeouts can occur when uploading to gofile.

Updates 4 months ago

API: embeds

Added the possibility to generate embeds via API, can be used in an iframe or a normal GET request - which returns a html page. With this feature developers can show onlyfans profile as card on their own website for example.

It supports dark mode if the device that visits the embed has dark mode enabled.

Preview (open in new tab or go to API page to see fully):
More information

Updates 4 months ago

Say hello to the blog page

As a way to communicate with everyone, the blog page has been created. On this page mostly news and updates will be posted so y'all are up-to-date of what's happening in and around the service.