Onlyfans API

Retrieve user data from Onlyfans with ease. Valuable for all types of applications thanks to HTTP requests and JSON responses.


Competitive pricing for everyone.

€ 0,005 /request
  • 10 free requests / month

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GET api.php
Parameter Required Type Info
user string The username from Onlyfans you want to get data from. All usernames are in the urls, e.g.
auth string The e-mail you registered/subscribed with.
no-cache none This service caches users In the background - mainly to have quicker and fluent API responses. The downside of this is that the data you retrieve can be outdated. There aren't many times a user updates their profile. You can set this but keep in mind a request might take longer.

Example request and response


    "name": "Katie Bell \ud83e\udd8b",
    "username": "katieeeeebell",
    "avatar": "",
    "link_profile": "",
    "posts": 636,
    "videos": 155,
    "photos": 505,
    "hearts": 149640,
    "location": "Los Angeles, CA",
    "bio": "Welcome \ud83d\udc8b",
    "socials": {
      "instagram": ""
    "subscription_price": 12.99,
    "bundles": [
    "header": "",
    "lastOnline": "2023-04-27T17:01:54+00:00"